How and Where to Buy Wholesale Swimwear

As any business owner knows, sourcing garments wholesale can be a hassle. Working out not just how much to order, but also figuring out fashion, quality, and fit, can be incredibly tasking.  

As if that’s not enough, you have to find and handle wholesalers and make your way through their customer service & obtuse shipping policies. 

Yes, sourcing wholesale can be a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. We here at Swimsuit Station have created a step-by-step guide on how to buy wholesale swimwear. We believe this will make your bulk swimwear sourcing process all the more easy.

Wholesale Swimwear Buying Tips 

  • Understand Your Store And Your Customer

Knowing what to order, how much, and from where is the first thing to consider when buying wholesale swimwear. Evaluate your business to get the answers you need. 

For instance, what can you expect to sell? Where is your store located? What kind of water-based activities do people do? 

Also, are most people swimming in chlorine pools, or are they at the beach? Is it an active community where people regularly do watersports, or do people tend to lounge out poolside? Not all communities are the same, and neither are swimsuits. Providing the right swimwear to the right people ensures that you sell more and keep inventory moving. 

Once you’ve answered the question of what to buy, you can now figure out how much you can buy. This includes, how much stock you can order at once for wholesale and where you intend to store them. 

  • Consider What Swimwear Materials and Fit to Choose

a collage of wholesale swimwear styles from Swimsuit Station


The material of your swimwear is essential to comfort no matter what. Most wholesale swimwear is made from synthetic fibers due to their durability, quick-drying properties, and resistance to chlorine and saltwater. Some popular choices of synthetic fiber materials are nylon, elastane, and polyester.

Here are some things to consider before you buy wholesale swimwear or choose a material: 

  • Nylon is the toughest material, better for more loose-fitting swim outfits, and holds up to repeated washes. Take it to the beach for fun in the sun. With care, it can last for many seasons.  
  • Elastane is super stretchy, quick drying, and ideal for lower-coverage pieces like bikinis. However, it does not hold up to repeated laundering. Essentially, they are fun, fashionable, and seasonal. 
  • Polyester is the all-around winner, though it’s a little more expensive. It is very stretchy but tough like nylon. Polyester is used for high-performance swimwear and is ideal for watersports. 

Cut is no less important. This is because understanding your customer base and their preferences is key to unlocking what kinds of suits to order in bulk. 

If you’re looking to get a tan, small-coverage bikinis is ideal. Whereas, for modesty-minded customers, one-piece swimsuits, or even tankinis are ideal.  

if you’re going out swimming in the ocean, you may want a cut that is more secure and has more points of contact with your body.  In this case, rash guards should do. Not sure what that is? Read our guide on everything you need to know about rash guards

  • Review the Quality of the Wholesale Swimwear

One of the important tips for buying wholesale swimwear is quality considerations. The quality to offer depends on your customer’s preferences and needs. 

For instance, a professional swimmer may require expensive, high-quality, and technically advanced swimwear designed to reduce drag and enhance performance. Whereas a casual windsurfer might not need the highest level of tailoring or luxury swimwear in the market. Figure out what your target audience needs and provide it.

When assessing what wholesale swimwear to buy, it's also important to ensure that the stitching is secure. The brochure images should showcase a comfortable and flattering fit on the models. Also, ensure that the fabric and materials are listed clearly.  If a wholesaler is hiding their product behind obtuse language, it’s a red light that something isn’t quite right.

Choosing Where to Buy Wholesale Swimwear for Resale Online

1. First, always use wholesale distributors you can always get ahold of

a screenshot of Swimsuit Station's contact page containing their address, email, phone number, and Fax

Communication is the key, and while no business is perfect, a wholesaler who is ready and willing to be flexible before and after orders are shipped is ideal. 

The wholesaler’s website should list all items and all policies in clear terms. If something is unclear, there should be multiple ways to reach out to a customer service representative. This can be through email, phone, and other methods. 

In Swimsuit Station’s case, not only can you call or email, but you can also visit a physical store in Ocean, New Jersey, or find us at trade shows. In wholesaler terms, customer service can’t be more accessible than that. 

2. Understanding store policies like shipping time and minimum orders is key

You want to work with a wholesaler who has quick turnarounds, broad distribution, and minimum order quantity. This ensures that your retail business can be more flexible and dynamic in its offerings to customers. 

Swimsuit Station offers same-day processing of orders when placed before 1 p.m., Minimum shipments start at a single box of goods. 

3. Look for a wholesaler who cares about customer experience just as much as you do

The goods wholesalers supply to you reflect on your business and theirs. Getting a vendor that understands this, ensures that you have little to no friction from purchase to delivery. For instance, they would ensure careful packaging and gentle handling of goods. This results in crisp, clean, and undamaged goods arriving at your store and eventually into the customer’s closet. 

4. Choose wholesalers who offer competitive pricing

a sample of wholesale swimwear prices

To maximize your profit margins, find a wholesale swimwear supplier that offers competitive pricing. Compare prices among different suppliers to ensure you are getting the best deals without compromising on quality. 

At Swimsuit Station, we've got you covered with wholesale swimwear options that cater to a wide budget range. Our prices start at an affordable $4 - $5 per piece and go upwards, ensuring that there's something for every retailer, no matter your budget.

Swimsuit Station, The Customer, and You

The wholesaler is your partner in providing fashionable and quality products to your customers. Finding a company that offers you flexibility in terms of variety, quantity, and service is key. If you’re looking for where to buy wholesale swimwear with these benefits, Swimsuit Station is proud to be that company. Contact us today to get over 500 swimwear styles at wholesale prices. 

November 03, 2023 — Yosef Silver