What Are Rash Guards? Benefits and Uses

A Rash Guard is a type of swimwear, typically a ¾ or long-sleeve shirt worn when doing water sports, or when trying to protect from the dangerous ultraviolet light of the sun. Like a regular shirt, but made out of breathable wetsuit material. Next time you consider being out in the sun, consider whether a rash guard is the right choice for you. 

Are Rash Guards Hot?

Rash Guards are moisture-wicking, cooling, and breathable; like a second skin. Whether it’s the poolside activity that’s got you working up a sweat, or it’s the baking sun, a rash guard is no hotter than going without one. Moreover, without additional temperature sensitivity from the sun, the heat while on rash guards will feel even less intense than if it were directly on your skin.

What Are Rash Guards? Exploring Their Benefits and Uses

What Are Rash Guards Made Out Of?

Rash Guards are made of the same material as bathing suits. For more sports-oriented rash guards, these tend to be polyester, elastane, and nylon for more relaxing purposes. Taking care of a rash guard is identical to taking care of trunks or a bikini; avoid tearing, abrasion, and extended periods in hot water, rinse the fabric immediately after exposure to chlorine, and air dry flat. Doing these things, just like you would for a standard piece of swimwear will ensure the longevity of the garment.

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Why Wear Rash Guards?

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Sunburns hurt, and they’re easy enough to get, even when you’re careful and regularly apply sunscreen. Even worse, according to experts, getting burnt once every two years triples the likelihood of a melanoma (cancer of the skin) diagnosis as opposed to those who have never been burnt. 

In addition, extra sun exposure prematurely ages the skin, leading to wrinkles, inelasticity, skin tags, and stretch marks. Minimizing unnecessary exposure to the sun with a rash guard is not only stylish and sporty, but it’s also a great way to prevent UV rays damage to the largest organ in our bodies; our skin.

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