Summer Must-Haves: Wholesale Swimwear for Every Body

When it comes to summer swimwear, one size certainly does not fit all. People come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and no one body is more “normal” than any other. When it comes to body type, everybody should get the chance to wear clothing that is flattering and well-made.

At Swimsuit Station, we carry all kinds of swim fashion. Offering a wide range of swimsuits for a broad range of customers isn’t just a move towards inclusivity, it’s good for business. Luckily for your customers and for you, we offer an entire range of sizes, accommodating all body types. When your customers come searching, they will know they will find quality swimwear for all body types and sizes. With Swimsuit Station’s extended catalog, you can offer your customers the best range of swim and beachwear. 

Browse Our Extended Swimwear Range

Swimsuit Station carries a whopping 350,000 items in 500 styles. From plus-size adult all the way to infants, many of these styles are available in the full range of sizes. Absolutely anyone can see a style they like from the catalog and it's possible to get it just right for them. When it comes to precision shopping, your customers should be able to have that experience.

Swimsuit Station offers an entire section of the catalog dedicated to large-body swimwear. No need to go dig, you can find all plus-size swimwear with us. We want to make it easy for you to order exactly what you need in pre-packed amounts. If you find a style that you want to carry, you can choose to stock the sizes you need, making sure that none of your shoppers feel left out.

Ordering is as simple as emailing or calling the warehouse and Swimsuit Station will ship your order the same day. Practicing inclusivity through all sizes of swimwear has never been easier, or more convenient for business owners.

Make a Difference For Your Customers  

There are a lot of stigmas surrounding body-image and size. It’s no surprise that fashion in the past has been an exclusionary industry, which helped promote narrow perceptions of how bodies are supposed to look. These stigmas need to be debunked. At Swimsuit Station, we want to provide fashionable and quality swimwear for all shapes and sizes. Clothing can and should be made for every body, every body type exists and wants to enjoy the water!

With Swimsuit Station it’s easier than ever to promote healthy and inclusive body norms. For no extra effort, you can be a part of social good, that is also good for your business.