Affordable and Cheap Wholesale Swimwear under $10

When it comes to swimwear, there is certainly a lot to be said about the price range. On the consumer end, a fashionable or high-performance swimsuit can easily clock in at over $100. This is because all the intermediate steps in bringing a swimsuit to market can really jack up the price. A big factor is the price that businesses, like yours, are paying to purchase these pieces wholesale. When the wholesale price per unit is high, that means that fewer and fewer of your customers can afford to buy what you’re selling. 

Of course, this doesn’t need to be the case with a wholesaler like Swimsuit Station. We stock a wide selection of affordable wholesale swimwear at a variety of price points. Keep reading to see our most affordable brands that carry the items best fit for you and your budget-conscious shoppers.

Best Budget Wholesale Swimwear for Women

Beach Party

best budget women’s swimsuit brand from Swimsuit Station

The best budget women’s swimsuit brand is Beach Party, a brand that fits right at home in the Swimsuit Station family. With prices starting at a low $4.90 per unit, and sizes ranging from small to XXL, it can’t be said that price is an obstacle to having a great time in the water.

You can also find other affordable women’s swimwear brands and styles such as bikinis and skirtini bottoms. Browse our women’s collection for more. 

Best Affordable Wholesale Junior Swimwear 

Poetry In Ocean

Best affordable wholesale junior swimwear from Swimsuit Station

For teens and pre-teens, Poetry In Ocean stands out. Starting at a low price of $5.90 for a set, the bathing suit is made with a high percentage of Polyester, providing durability, easy care, and comfort. This makes it a great choice for a season and a budget-friendly option for active use and frequent water activities among preteens.

Best Cheap Wholesale Swimwear for Women's Plus Size 

Beach Party

Best cheap wholesale swimwear for women's plus size from Swimsuit Station

Beach Party is one of the best brands in the catalog for plus-sized women. From the low cost of $10, the Beach Party plus size items provide coverage, movement, and comfort in sizes 18 - 24. You can also find tankinis and one-piece swimsuits in the same price range for other brands. 

Best Cheap Wholesale Coverup 

All brands

Best cheap wholesale coverup from Swimsuit Station

From tunic dresses and pullover coverups to smocked dresses and sarongs, the perfect coverups (at the perfect price) mean that even away from the pool deck, your customers don’t need to fuss over a wardrobe change. Wrapping one of their sarongs means that any beach outfit has an automatic skirt attached. Check out our affordable coverups from only the low price of $3 per wrap.

Best Wholesale Affordable Swimwear for Men

Coastal Revolution

Best wholesale affordable swimwear for men from Swimsuit Station

Coastal Revolution is the star brand for men looking for an affordable price and a stylish look. With bold, solid colors, and quality stitching, these are sturdy, direct-to-the-point, and above all, easy. Coming in at just $6.9 and above per unit, keeping these on your shelves should be a breeze.

Best Budget Wholesale Swimwear for Boys

All brands

Best budget wholesale swimwear for boys from Swimsuit Station

With growing boys just shooting up at this age, it’s important to find a swimsuit that is quality enough to last, but not so expensive that it stings a little once they’ve outgrown it. For young boys, infants, and toddlers, such swimwear is available in our collection. From rash guard sets and singles to swim trunks of various designs, our wholesale boys’ collection carries everything you need at a low price, starting at $5.90 for infants and $6.90 for toddlers.

Best Cheap Wholesale Swimwear for Girls

All brands

Best cheap wholesale swimwear for girls from Swimsuit Station

Our girl’s collection is the perfect place to shop if you want to supply adorable, colorful clothes for toddlers at a low and fair price point. On discount, prices for pieces start as low as $3. Just like with the boys, a rash guard set is great in reducing the risk of sunburn and we carry those for as low as $6.90 

Explore More Wholesale Affordable Swimwear From Swimsuit Station!

And now you know! Your business can and should supply swimsuits at several different prices, for all people and their different bodies. Continue to explore our catalog for more, and when it’s time to order, call, email, or visit our physical location. Orders placed before 1 pm ship same-day, so you can receive your stock faster and start selling!