5 Swimwear Trends for 2023 Spring Break

Elevate Your Business This Spring Break!

Spring Break is the first thaw for students and families after a long academic winter. They want to take advantage of that warming weather, and they’re looking forward to doing it in style. It’s the perfect opportunity for your business to capitalize by stocking all the latest in swim fashion from Swimsuit Station! By keeping up with the latest trends, your store will become a go-to for a wide variety of customers looking for their perfect swimwear.

Explore the hottest styles this Spring so you and your business can be in the know. Don’t miss out on these trends!

Lingerie-inspired Swimwear

There can be no better swim style for the “It-Girl” than the lingerie-inspired swimsuit. Composed of elegant lines and plenty of attention to the small details, lingerie-inspired sets are bold, typically monochromatic, with lots of textured fabrics and plenty of class. These pieces are perfect for swimming and sunning during a pool party, or at the beach.

Skirt Sets and Skirtinis for Cover

For those who prefer a little more coverage, a skirt set is a perfect choice. A skirt provides structure and sculpts a silhouette for the wearer, while also allowing the piece to be more versatile and comfortable for all-day wear. Your customers can go from the breakfast bar to the pool, to the beach, and then back out to dinner, all by throwing on and off a simple coverup top.

Ruffle Swimwear for Summer

Ruffles are the perfect accent for any swimsuit. With less structure than a skirt set yet more graceful and flowing than a lingerie-style set, it’s the perfect middle ground for anyone looking to strike that balance between silhouette and strikingness. The dainty trim lends just the right amount of flair and elevates swim style above and beyond a standard swimsuit. Ruffles were one of the big winners this past season and they will certainly remain an enduring style. They also look adorable in kids’ suits.

Stylish Cut-Out One-Pieces

Cut-out one-pieces are simply iconic. In fact, the Maillot has been around since at least 1928 and probably even before. The vintage look is reminiscent of classic beauties like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, and with a modern cut-out, you can elicit the best of both worlds. Provide your customers with an air of ageless style by ordering Swimsuit Stations throwback swimwear to stock your storefront.

Garden-Party Bold

Maximalism is back in vogue! Garden Party Styles boast lots of bombastic colors and bold block-print patterns. With intricate, yet delicate floral (or verdure) graphics and plenty of soothing tones to dress in, this eye-catching style of suit is a statement to be sure. 

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And there you have it! The biggest trends in Swim Fashion for Spring 2023. Whether your customers are taking a girls’ trip, a family vacation, or even just resting and recovering from academic rigor at home, watersports are an enduring tradition for Spring Breaks, and with this guide, you have everything you need to get ready for it. Stock up with Swimsuit Station’s huge selection, and with no minimum purchase, you buy exactly what you need in order to offer exactly what your customers want.